Jewelry Care


All jewelry form Millimal is made out of stainless steel. You can wear our rings, necklaces and bracelets 24/7. No need to take them of when you wash your hands, take a shower, go for a swim or do that sweaty workout.

A part of our earrings are also made out of stainless steel. The other part of our earrings are from sterling silver with or without a golden plating.

Silver earrings are water resistant. No need to worry about discolour.

The golden earrings are finished with an 18K gold plating. You can wear them for any occasion. But please note that the gold plating of these earrings could damage and turn silver over time, when exposed too to much perfumes, soaps, swimming pools, ...

Cleaning and care

When cleaning your jewelery we recommend bicarbonate powder for a maximum shine. Use a normal, regular soap and a soft brush when cleaning. You can also clean your jewelry with a jewelry cloth.

We recommend you to keep your jewelry away form water, perfumes, alcohol and other damaging products to avoid fading away the golden plating.

For silver jewelry we recommend to keep them in a closed bag that is protected form air and store it in a dark space.

The closure of your earring

We always double check the slot of the earring before sending it out. It's a common problem that the closure doesn't click anymore when trying to close the earring to hard or by a fall.

Silver is a soft material and is easy to adapt. You can simply adapt the hook with your fingers. Push the non-moveable part a little bit higher or lower, until it makes a click again.